Rediscovering classic designs from the 1920s and 30s,

Adico was inspired to put the pieces back into production nearly 100 years later. With careful manufacture, the Classics Collection stays true to the original forms, angles, components and materials.

The company started its activity in the 1920s with the production of iron beds. In the 30s it orientated its production to the hospital furniture showing a remarkable aptitude for sophisticated technologies at that time, such as hydraulic surgery tables. In that period, Adico develops a production line of tables and chairs for outdoors among which the traditional portuguese chair was marked. In the 40s, Adico had already about 350 workers and dominated the exports for the market of portuguese ex-colonies and becoming the biggest company in the hospital furniture. Since the 90s, Adico has focused on developing new lines of furniture, by focusing on design and technology in the medical field, with which it has been distinguished on the national and international market.
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